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    Chapter 7!

    So guys finally chapter 7 is here, please give feedback and I will try be more regular once again! I know this chapter isn’t perfect, but I just wanted it out, so here it is, I will probably draft it at some point! Thanks for reading!


    Ellie’s POV

    As I walked away from the fire, and the perfect, well I guess you couldn’t really call it evening anymore, situation I had been in only less than two minutes ago, I realised how little Josh truly knew me. How little he truly knew the things that make me, well, me, my insecurities, my flaws, my nauseatingly easy attachments, the raw emotion I hide behind my glass eyes, so much he has yet to learn, and that’s why I couldn’t kiss him, I couldn’t hand myself over to him, on a silver plated platter, I just couldn’t, not yet. I turned my head around, the dim that followed the fire being unlit brought my eyes back to the area, as I looked into the deserted eyes of my little Kentucky, so much he had to learn, just not now, not today, I had already shared an uncomfortable amount. I felt the weight of the backpack release from my shoulders as Josh swayed it away from my back and transferred onto his. Once again, I allowed myself to gaze off into his eyes, and I could see the hurt project right through his iris, I had offended him, led him on, played him for the fool.

    As I saw the hurt in his eyes, it projected right into mine, damn my attachments, I barely knew Josh, I mean I had only been here for about a week and here I am, almost kissing the fucking guy, and not just any guy, Josh Hutcherson, why did I even dare try to kiss him, I can’t even imagine what he’s thinking. We pondered back to the Hutcherson home in a comfortable silence to find that Michelle and the family were still not home, go figure, but all I really wanted to do was go to my room and cry, as pathetic as it sounds, I just need to let it out, I mean, I am only human, there’s only so much I can take. I felt acid burn my stomach, threatening to rise, as I tried to bite back the tears stinging my eyes.

    “Goodnight Josh” I said in a husky tone, practically running away from him.

    “But wait, I want to talk-” he appeared to stop mid-sentence, maybe giving up?  It was most likely. I hoped he hadn’t followed me; I dropped the backpack by the stairs leading up to the rooms of Josh and Connor, and headed towards the room that I was staying in, a place of sanction for me right now, a place where I could throw away the key around my emotion, and let it roam free.

    Josh’s POV

    “But wait, I want to talk-” I just stood, like a gormless idiot, and allowed her to walk away. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but maybe she needed some space, I could always talk to her tomorrow, right? I headed up to my room, changed into some grey sweatpants and a plain white top, and sat on my bed, staring out onto the trees. I was about to try get some sleep, when I heard a muffled smash coming from downstairs, right about where Ellie’s room should be. I began racing out my room, almost tripping down several stairs, until I reached her room, embarrassingly out of breath. I barged right through the door to see her crouching on the floor holding a broken photo frame, of two younger girls, whom I could only guess where Lyla and Ellie.

    “I’m so sorry Josh, I’m so sorry, you’re amazing, I’m a mess, I’m so… sorry” the words came out between massive gasps and long sobs, and before I knew it I was cradling her in my arms, kissing each tear that raced down her cheeks, “I was trying to unpack the rest of my stuff and I dropped it, and I just-”

    “Hey, it is okay, we can get it fixed, and don’t be sorry, I’m an ass” I stroked her hair away from her damp cheeks and kissed her on the forehead “Wait right here, I’ll be back in a minute”

    I walked away from the room, almost running once again, and grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen to take to a deserving Ellie, and luckily placed on a chair, one of my hoodies for her to wear to bed, I returned quickly and as asked, she was still standing in the same place, silently crying, with the broken photo frame in her hand. Softly I placed my hands on top of hers own and slid the photo frame into my palm, I placed the frame on the desk, sliding the photo out as I did, maybe I could surprise her tomorrow with a new frame, hopefully she would like that. I briskly turned back and hung my navy hoodie over her bare shoulders, her vest top obviously not providing much heat in this surprisingly chilly night. The rain began to patter against the window as Ellie and I sat on her bed, granting her unspoken permission to cry, and she granted mine and allowed me to sooth her, until we were both lying down in a deep sleep, entangled in each other’s arms.

    Morning came sooner than I would of like and I could smell her scent on my skin, my eyes shuttered open to see strands of hair batting at my eyelashes. My movement made her body squirm, but then once again she was placid, not to be risen by a single thing. I manoeuvred myself out of the covers, making sure not be too loud, and found my way out her room. The house seemed quiet and still, discovering it was only 7am made me realise everyone would still be asleep, at least I wasn’t caught doing that Connor might describe as the ‘walk of shame’ but hey, what does Connor know about the situation.

    Ellie’s POV

    When I woke at the late time of 12 o’clock I noticed Josh hands had departed my waist, and I was once again left alone, with his shadow ever haunting mine. I was about to go and have a speedy shower when I noticed something on the desk, it was my photo, but in a new frame, with a note tucked underneath, not too surprisingly signed from Josh.

    “Sorry I left so early, you looked so peaceful, I couldn’t wake you. I’ll be back for 6, and I’ll be taking you out with me, Josh “Kentucky” Hutcherson. X
    P.s- wear something nice”

    I guess you could say I was confused, I didn’t deserve any time of day from Josh, yet he insists on being the most amazing person ever. Man, I am falling so hard for this guy, but I can’t let that happen, I mean what happens when summers over? I go back to Scotland; he goes back to L.A, back to our own little realities. The remainder of the day was spent showering, finding an outfit, worrying and listening to music to calm myself down. As I stared into the mirror, looking at the reflection who wore a simple black dress, some eyeliner and kept her hair straight down, I almost didn’t recognise myself; I hadn’t worn a dress in quite a while.

    “Wow Ellie… you look, wow” his mouth was actually hanging open, like a puppy dog waiting for its food, gosh it was already 6? Time flies, doesn’t it.

    “Nice use of vocab there Kentucky, so, you gonna spill?”

    “I thought we could go to dinner, then there’s somewhere I wanna take you after, c’mon our reservation is in 10 minutes” he grabbed my hand and pulled me alone, only now did I have to time to notice what he was wearing, a pair of slim fit denim jeans, a plain white top and a suit jacket, to say he looked good was a complete understatement.

    He led me out to the car, holding my hand every step of the way, only to let go when he moved into his seat, then held it again with the hand that was not occupied with the driving wheel. We fiddled with each other’s fingers and I couldn’t help but smile to myself, I mean nobody was perfect, but Josh, well he was pretty damn close. When we arrived I realised why he told me to dress nice, it wasn’t some crappy burger joint, it was a quirky Italian restaurant, with candles lighting every table.

    “Oh Josh, this is perfect, thank you” as a reply he simply smiled and kissed my cheek, told the waiter the reservation and we were sat at our table in a matter of minutes.

    “So, I brought you here because first of all, it’s one of my favourite restaurants, and well I really like you Ellie, more than I really should, so I want to know every last thing about you, the good and the bad, so here tonight, we can tell each other everything, for example, I love Italian food, but maybe you can already guess that” I opened my mouth  to remind him I live in Scotland, but that I did like him too, I just didn’t know how it could be possible, but before a word even escaped my lips he pressed his index finger on my opened mouth “and before you say anything, I know when you leave this will be hard, like really fucking hard, but I’ve got a while before filming, and I can afford to fly over and see you, and we’ve got the rest of summer to see if this would even work, but trust me I really, really, really want it to, do you understand how much I like you?”

    This time it was my turn to shut him up, so I did what I was so unwilling to do last night, I handed myself right over as I pressed my trembling lips against his,  I yanked him towards me and covered his mouth with mine in a hungry kiss. He responded immediately, which greatly surprised me. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have ever imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and he opened his mouth with a low moan.

    “I’ll take that as a yes then” he said whilst his lips brushed gently against mine, my hands found their way to his cheek and his skin was burning hot to the touch, we sat like this for a while, just embracing each other. When we finally let go, we started to describe each other through questions, right from who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? To what was your childhood like, everything was released, the big and the small. It would be a lie to say I didn’t feel the weight depart from my shoulders, I loved opening up to Josh but all I could really think was; gosh Ellie, what have you gotten yourself into.

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